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Environmental Quality (EQ) offers comprehensive environmental quality testing services to clients in Rhode Island and parts of Southern Massachusetts. Whether your current or prospective home is a contemporary single-family residence or a historic property, we’ll make sure that your indoor air quality is safe, your water drinkable, and the flow from the well adequate to meet your entire home’s needs. We adhere to InterNACHI’s rigorous Standards of Practice.

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The entire state of Rhode Island, as well as many areas of Southern Massachusetts.

Rhode Island Mold Testing  Services

Mold Inspections & Testing

Mold inside a living space isn’t, as a rule, readily visible—it can often take hold in unexpected nooks and crannies wherever moisture is collecting. This established mold then releases spores, some of which will circulate in the air to other areas of the home. When these spores are inhaled, the mold can contribute to a number of health issues ranging from mild allergies to more serious respiratory problems.

That’s why it’s important to schedule Mold Inspection and Testing services from professionals who are trained to find the places where mold likes to hide. 

Mold Inspections:

  • For a mold inspection, we’ll investigate the readily accessible areas of a home for signs that may raise suspicion of mold growth—especially where there is visible moisture or damage that could be harboring moisture intrusion within certain components
  • Any area of the home could be a culprit for mold, but most of our focus will go toward the attic and basement—areas that are notorious for becoming wet, growing mold, and circulating spores throughout the home

Mold Testing:

  • For mold testing, we’ll go ahead and conduct air sampling during the mold inspection—utilizing a specialized spore trap that mold spores adhere to when air is drawn through it
  • A surface sample can also be collected, either by removing a small piece of building material, swabbing the surface, or using a specific type of tape to press against a suspected area of mold
  • These air and surface samples will be sent off to a local laboratory that will perform a full analysis, estimating the total number of spores and identifying certain types of mold so that we can determine the severity of a potential air quality issue
Rhode Island Water Testing Services

Well Water Services

Water is a daily necessity for each and every one of us, and you want to be sure that your home’s water is not only clean—but capable of serving the needs for your entire household. In addition to Water Quality Testing, we also offer a Well Flow Inspection so that you can be certain that your well water has the supply and pressure behind it to sufficiently sustain the home.

Water Quality Testing

  • Small water samples will be collected directly from the well that is servicing the home, and from the tap
  • These samples will be labeled and taken to a local laboratory where they will be analyzed to determine whether or not there is contamination directly at the water source or from somewhere within or around the piping going up to the home
  • Contaminants that the lab will be looking for include heavy metals, nitrites, nitrates, and coliform bacteria

Well Flow Inspection

  • This inspection service will assess the production capability of the well to determine whether or not the rate of flow is adequate for the home, given the size of the living space and the number of occupants
  • Flow rate depends on both the amount of water stored within the well housing and the well’s ability to recover that water once it’s depleted
  • A well flow meter and a sonic well sounder will be utilized to measure the rate of flow and the depth of the well—and while we’re at it, we’ll also assess the condition of the water tank and the wellhead
Rhode Island Radon Testing  Services

Radon Service

Radon poses quite the conundrum for homeowners: it is a carcinogenic gas that is both odorless and invisible, so there’s never clear evidence of radon contamination inside the home until health issues start to emerge. Radon is also naturally occurring, rising slowly from isolated pockets deep underground to enter the home through small gaps—so it’s entirely possible that there is no radon in your area; or you could live in a geographic hotspot. A professional Radon Testing service is the only way to know for sure whether or not your home is affected.

Radon Testing

  • We use a continuous radon monitor to measure the radon levels inside the home over a specified amount of time
  • Once the test results come in, we’ll analyze how concentrated radon gas has become in the air of your home
  • If the radon levels exceed the EPA’s safe threshold, we’ll refer you to a radon mitigation specialist so that you can protect your health and home

Proudly Serving

Rhode Island and Areas of Southern Massachusetts

We’re proud to serve the entire state of Rhode Island, as well as many areas of Southern Massachusetts.

At Environmental Quality (EQ), our highly skilled team of professionals offers a selection of specialized environmental quality testing services that will help you eradicate potential risks that the home in its current condition may be imposing on your overall quality of life. Contact us today to request an appointment.